The search giant Google dedicated its special doodle to mark the 68th Indian republic day. The doodle showed a stadium full of people amid a sea of tricolour decking up the arena.

The doodle displays one-half of the stadium, with crowd on two corners, while a saffron-coloured band runs along the inner periphery of the semicircular track. The outer periphery of the track is shown decorated with tricolours and a semi-circular patch of green marks the space in the centre, according to PTI reports. The word G-O-O-G-L-E has been spelt out in an arced fashion in the running tracks in  bold green surrounded by two green grid patterns and one in red.

The Indian prodigy Sunder Pichai led internet giant, ever year comes up with a special doodle to mark the day. Last year, the doodle was dedicated to the richly caparisoned camel contingent of the Border Security Force, a major attraction at the annual parade at the Rajpath.

The 68th Republic Day Parade will showcase India’s military strength and achievements in a range of areas and its diverse culture on the ceremonial boulevard today. This year the occasion will be graced by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the chief guest of the Republic Day parade. Led by Wing Commander Ramesh Kumar Dubey, the parade will start with four Mi-17 helicopters, flying an Indian flag and three other helicopters flying ensigns of the Army, Navy and the Air Force, will shower flower petals, reads the NDTV report.

Google had marked the 65th Republic Day with a doodle featuring ‘Jaanbaaz’, BSF’s motorcycle daredevils who delight the crowd at Rajpath every January 26, in their famous pyramidal formation.